Momo's "Bloody" Mary

Prep Time:

1 Minute

Cook Time:

20 Minutes


1 Serving



  • Vodka

  • Momo's

  • Optional: Rim Salt, Bacon, Celery, Cheese Stick, Olives, Cheese Burger...ETC.


Step 1

First if you're rimming glass with anything, rim the glass. Then fill a 9-12 oz glass with ice.

Step 2

Measure 2 oz Vodka, Tequila or Mezcal then add to glass

Step 3

Measure 3 oz Momo's then add to glass.

Step 4

You will want a really good dilution so either add a little water or stir generously to get a good melt of the ice.

Step 5

Garnish with whatever sounds good to you. It's okay to keep it simple, but you can also get creative AF here.