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momos michelada mix founder KC in Nicaragua

here i come to save the day...

Momo's story started as a rescue mission until it became a michelada mission. KC and Momo had a friend who's motorcycle had broken down near the Momotombo volcano in Nicaragua. KC flew down to bring the necessary motorcycle parts. Once the motorcycle was fixed, KC wanted to experience the Nicaraguan countryside, culture and some food and beverage. KC ordered a michelada at the first bar he stopped at and was blown away at how amazing and different that it was. It was light, refreshing and truly delicious. KC made it a point to text Momo right then and there telling her that he was going to try to figure out how to create a michelada that resembled the Nicaraguan micheladas. KC then turned the trip into a mission to drink as many micheladas as he could so that he could dissect the flavors. As you will see in the photo slide below, there was a lot of adventures to be had in Nicaragua and in pursuit of the perfect Michelada. Back in Austin, after many hours of mixing and tasting, the ready to drink Momo's Michelada Mix was born. In every sip you can taste the adventure and authentic Central American spirit (along with the lemon, spices, and peppers) that KC found in Nicaragua.



Why the name Momo's?

Momo is the nickname of Marisa, whom is KC's better half and business partner. So it is a dedication to a love story in progress.

It is also a tip of the hat to where the inspiration for the Michelada came from. There is an active and beautiful volcano called Momotombo and played its part book marking the beginning of the Nicaraguan adventure.

What's with the logo?

No it is not a pineapple pizza slice, and there is no pineapple in our mix. The logo has a few components that we incorporated that represent what our business represents.

First off the pineapple is the international symbol of hospitality. We both have worked in the hospitality industry and the type of business we want to run is one that is welcoming, sharing, and hospitable as we consider our customers to be more like a guest.

Second is the volcano which represents the Momotombo volcano of Nicaragua as that is where the story began.

Lastly you will find the little lemon and heart shape to represent the lemons and love that go into every bottle of our mix.

Wait, you’ve never heard of a Michelada?

The Michelada is a very popular drink in Latin American countries, and it is starting to make its way up the the states (finally). But where does it come from? 

momo's michelada mix poolside

The story goes that in the 60s there was a man named Michel Ésper who often visited Club Deportivo Potosino in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. He started to order an ice cold beer with lime, salt and a straw. Other patrons in the club started asking for “Michel’s Lemonade” because it was so delicious and over time the name got shortened to Michelada. As the recipe for a michelada started to move across Central America each country gave it a different twist, and the Michelada became a cultural landmark for Latin America. We've talked with Michelada lovers all over Austin and Mexico and realized that this isn’t the only origin story for our favorite beer cocktail.


if you know the real story, share it with us!

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