MOMO'S Michelada Mix, 1 Liter

A spicy, savory, and refreshing Nicaragua inspired beer cocktail! Momo's gourmet Michelada Mix is an authentic blend of lemon juice, veggies, spices, garlic and a secret blend of peppers to make the perfect Michelada. A unique blend of flavors not seen in any other michelada recipe on the market. Just add 12 oz of your favorite beer.


This mix is tomato free and lemon based.


Ingredients list: 
Lemons, water, jalapeno peppers, carrots, distilled vinegar, onions, garlic, cane sugar, salt, lime juice, Mixed vegetable paste(carrot, cucumber, cauliflower, onion, acetic acid, sodium benzoate(preservative), molasses, corn starch, spices(mustard flour, red chilli pepper, garlic powder, paprika, hydrolyzed corn protein, turmeric, maltodextrin, celery powder)


Momo's is vegan and gluten free

Shelf stable for 1 year.

Once opened refrigerate and it will last 9 months

MOMO'S Michelada Mix, 1 Liter

2 Fluid ounces
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