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Momo's Michelada Mix, (3 pack) 1 Liter bottles

Momo's Michelada Mix is setting a high-quality standard for those that appreciate a fantastic cocktail.


Momo's gourmet Michelada Mix is made by the owners(2 old bartenders) in small 15 gallon batches and is an authentic blend of fresh squeezed lemon juice, peppers, veggies, and a secret blend of spices that make the perfect Michelada. 


We are unique and we like it that way

A michelada should be refreshing and easy to keep drinking without regrets. Momo's is light, bright and refreshing while still packing a ton of familiar flavors that aren't overwhelming.


VEGAN : Most savory cocktail mixes contain some form of non - vegan ingredients, but Momo's is 100% Vegan. Don't get fooled...this doesn't mean it isn't full of familiar flavor.


TOMATO-FREE : Most mixes on the market contain tomatoes which creates a heavy and hearty cocktail.


GLUTEN-FREE : Before adding beer, our mix is gluten free making it very versatile to dietary needs.


LEMON-BASED : Lemon's can have an alkalizing effect in the stomach reducing acid reflux



Just add 2 ounces of Momo's to any light flavor 12 oz beer.

If you insist, you can add rim salt, garnishes or light ice, but we don't recommend it and it doesn't need them.


A little goes a long way

One bottle contains 17 micheladas which is double or triple the servings of other mixes. Momo's is a flavor bomb.


Great Flavor is Great Flavor

We encourage our customers to think of our mix as their secret ingredient. Here are some alternative uses for Momo's Michelada Mix


  • Shrimp Fajitas, Shredded chicken encheladas, ceviche, pulled pork tacos, chicken wings, etc.

Salad Dressing

  • Pasta salad, greens, etc.


  • Bloody Mary's, Bloody Maria's, Caesar's, Red Snapper's, Sangrita, etc.

Table Sauce

  • Over eggs, tacos, bread, pasta, etc.


Visit our About page for more information.

Visit our Find page to see where to grab Momo's locally


Black-Female and Veteran owned and operated


Shelf stable for 1 year.

Once opened refrigerate and it will last 9 months


Any other questions please reach out

Momo's Michelada Mix, (3 pack) 1 Liter bottles

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