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Perfect for any occasion and
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From: Nicaragua

To: Austin with love

How a volcano, a chicken  bus and a leaky boat led to the creation of a one of a kind michelada mix. Meet MOMOs, the michelada mix born in Nicaragua with a lot of blood, sweat and beers!


Momo's is great with Tona Cerveza from Nicaragua

For the perfect michelada

Most micheladas are tomato based...not ours! MOMO'S is lemon based. When combined with our unique blend of  spices, you get a fiesta in your mouth that is light, bright and refreshing while still having a ton of savory flavor all while being Vegan as well. 

Not all micheladas are created equal

Winner of michelada madness​

How many micheladas do you know that have won a competition? At least one now! MOMOs won its first competition entered to be crowned the best michelada in Austin.  Guess we're off to a pretty good start. We also took 2nd place in Austin's Bloody Mary Festival. Not bad for a tomato free michelada mix if we do say so ourselves.

Edited Michelada Madness Image Final.png

Want to serve momOs?

If you are interested in serving MOMO's Michelada Mix in your restaurant or bar hit us up. We're always looking for ways to introduce more people to the magic that is MOMOs. 


get your
momo's fix 

Looking for where to find that sweet, sweet Momo's? Look no further.
(If you're in Austin, TX. More locations coming soon)

you say tomato, we say no way!

Momo’s is not your grandmama’s michelada mix. Many people that we talk to think that the Michelada is the cousin of the bloody mary, spiced tomato juice mixed with alcohol. Turns out there are different versions of the classic michelada served all over Central America, but our traditional Nicaraguan recipe has no tomato at all! Just fresh lemon, spicy peppers, and savory spices (which means not only is it tomato free, but Momo’s is also all natural and vegan) blended together and ready to drink with your favorite cold beer. 

Absolutely my favorite michelada mix ever! I love a good Bloody Mary and spicy michelada, but more often than not when I order one somewhere it doesn't have enough flavor or just tastes like tomato juice. My first time trying Momos had me in disbelief! Usually with other mixes, as a bartender I would need to add in eves things to make it taste better. You don't have to add anything to Momos, it's perfect on its own. I love it with a good beer and have recently been making bloody Mary's at home with it and I could not be more happy. Buy this mix! The owners are awesome and really put their heart into this product.

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