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Middle Momo's Michelada Mix-16 oz bottle

Momo's Michelada Mix is in a league of it's own with a lemon based and tomato-free michelada mix. Momo's is will surprise you by the fact that it is savory with umami, but it is a Vegan product. Momo's gourmet Michelada Mix is an authentic blend of fresh squeezed lemon juice, peppers, veggies, and a secret blend of spices that make the perfect Michelada. Just add 2 ounces of Momo's to any light flavor 12 oz beer. One bottle contains 8 micheladas. This bottle is 1/2 the size of other mixes, but contains the same number of servings. Momo's is a flavor bomb.

Instead of beer soup, Momo's is a light and refreshing cocktail with a kick!

Visit our About page for more information.

Visit our Find page to see where to grab Momo's locally( Austin and surrounding areas )


Momo's is vegan and gluten free

Shelf stable for 1 year.

Once opened refrigerate and it will last 9 months


Any other questions please reach out

Middle Momo's Michelada Mix-16 oz bottle

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