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Break out the champagne! Momo's is always ready to bring the party, and this time we are replacing the tried and true lager with a dry champagne for a new and tasty take on the classic mimosa. With notes of tangy citrus and spicy chiles this isn't your mama's mimosa (this one's Momos)!


What you need:

  • Momo's Michelada Mix

  • Dry champagne

How it's done:

  1. For an optional sweet or salty note you can rim your glass with cocktail sugar or salt.

  2. Pour 8 oz. of champagne in flute or glass.

  3. Carefully add 0.5 - 1 oz. of Momo's Michelada Mix.

  4. Gently stir to combine.

Next time you break out the bubbly or sit down to brunch, try a Momo'sa for an added kick. We'll be back with more creative ways to use Momo's soon.

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