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6 Major Michelada Mistakes -- And 1 Easy Solution

If you have ever had an amazing michelada then you know what it's like to pursue that experience again. Despite the fact you're likely let down 9 times out of 10, you keep trying like an adrenaline junkie always looking for the next big thrill., "Chasing The Dragon" as the kids say.

You could also be one of the many people that were encouraged to try a michelada and didn't get that eye opening, jaw dropping experience and figure that you're "just not a michelada fan." Let me tell you that I used to think the same thing, but maybe you haven't tried the best michelada.

I get it, most people don't put this much thought into their beer cocktails! That being said, if you're a business that makes micheladas, you could benefit by reading. As a michelada fan you should read this as well.

In the past months and years, where our main focus has been creating the best michelada, we have identified 6 problems with micheladas that we would like to share and solve. .

1.) The setup or cocktail build is a problem

Many of the common mixes some bars are using are made to be a Bloody Mary Mix and as a result most bartenders and people at home are using the wrong ratios for the best michelada. So much so that when mix and ice are added, there is only a small amount of room to fit beer. Therefore, the entire time you are drinking the michelada you’re diluting the drink with melting ice and beer. By the time you get your beer into the glass, your cocktail is all out of balance.

2.) Micheladas give you acid reflux or indigestion issues

The person writing this has GERD (aka Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and I cannot partake in super acidic foods and drinks like most micheladas, bloody mary's, pizza, tiki drinks or mimosa's without first medicating myself. Tomatoes are my biggest enemy however and they're like pouring gasoline on a fire, and I’m not alone. The beautiful tomato, loved by so many, can be the mortal enemy of those of us with GERD and similar issues Sadly, most micheladas in the states contain tomatoes.

3.) Many brands aren’t very inclusive

Whether your dietary decisions are by choice or the result of a health restriction, most people making micheladas couldn't even tell you what ingredients are in the mix they're using. Believe it or not most mixes in the US are engineered for mass production in a lab, non vegan, and containing gluten. If not they are often made in a facility using equipment that contain a variety of allergens. Also in order to get that good savory and umami flavor, most options include Worcestershire (contains anchovies), fish or clam juice, or many other animal products, and as a result they are not vegan.

4.) Bartenders aren't thinking outside the box

Micheladas originated in Mexico and taste great with Mexican cervezas, but that doesn't mean they "HAVE" to be made with a Mexican lager or pilsner. Micheladas can be made with many beer styles. In fact, beer isn’t even required for a great michelada. You could make a michelada for someone using Non-Alcoholic Beer or sparkling water. You could also use a seltzer, champagne or gluten-free beer. Some of the best micheladas I have made myself were sour beers. In fact there are probably many other options I haven't had the privilege of trying.

5.) People don't know the history of the drink

A lot of people throw the word traditional around with micheladas without knowing the origin story or how they've been made and evolved over the decades. Their reference for traditional micheladas is what they saw someone else make.

6.) The biggest problem!!!! There is no standard

Micheladas have zero level of standardization. For example, you could go to 10 different bars, and order a michelada from each and get completely different drinks at each one. In fact you could order 2 micheladas from two bartenders at the SAME BAR and get two different versions of the cocktail. This creates a bad experience as a consumer because every time you order this delicious beer cocktail, you're gambling with a low probability of getting what you were seeking. The end result is usually wasted money, and time.

drumroll please.... The solution!!

If you know who is writing this post then you would assume that the answer to all these issues is to make Momo's Michelada Mix the standard for micheladas. While you would be mostly correct, there is some nuance to the answer! Momo's Michelada Mix isn't for you if you...

  • Take great pride in making your micheladas,

  • your customers keep coming back for more

  • almost everyone can drink your michelada

  • you think your mix is better than ours

  • you know the true cost of making your mix (Labor + Time + Ingredients)

Momo's Michelada Mix is the solution for people that want to offer a michelada that is....

  • consistent

  • high-quality

  • balanced

  • quick

  • easy

  • delicious

  • refreshing

  • versatile

  • inclusive

  • gut-friendly

  • Central American Inspired

So there you have it, six problems that can make it hard or even impossible to get your hands on the refreshing and unique flavor of a well balanced michelada. Lucky for you, these problems can all be solved in one simple step, buy Momo’s. Whether at a local farmer’s market, your favorite brunch spot, or by ordering a bottle shipped directly to your home here, there are now no shortage of ways to satisfy your miche itch with an ice cold Momo’s. Guaranteed to be 100% problem free (if you follow our recipe found here).

If you want to serve Momo's at your establishment please reach out to us HERE.

If you want Momo's at your local store or watering hole, please let them know about us.

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