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Where to Get That Momo's Vibe

Our job here at Momo’s (we think) is to make sure that you are able to get an ice cold, delicious, refreshing michelada at any hour of the day or night. (Ask later about how great a michelada can be for a hangover!!) We honestly wouldn’t be able to do that without some of our amazing retail and restaurant partners who sling miches and stock our mix around the Austin area. This week, we want to introduce you to a few new local spots where you can now find the best michelada in town, Momo’s.

The Fieldhouse at the Crossover

The Fieldhouse is a new Austin spot where it’s great to be a grown up who plays like a kid. Full of all of the nostalgia of a summer evening in Texas, you can find food trucks, pickleball, a unique spot to lay out a blanket for a picnic and most importantly some interesting cocktails. We are so excited to be a new addition to the Fieldhouse menu, because nothing says summer in a glass like a refreshing michelada. It’s so fun, in fact, that we’ve been hanging out at The Fieldhouse recently and have had such a great time with the cool and fun-loving staff. Check it out, and you may run into one or both of us hosting a tasting, or spiking a volleyball.

Captain Quackenbush

An oldie but a goodie, Quacks has been serving up some of the best espresso and most delicious baked treats in Austin for almost 30 years. In the last couple of years the Quacks brand has expanded to include Captain Quackenbush, a local hangout where some of the best local bands have taken the stage. The great news is that now when you grab a table to listen to Ali Holder or Wheelwright, you can also grab a michelada or two. Savor the spices all night long, because Momo’s is proud to now be featured on the menu at one of our favorite local spots. Plus we get to refer to Captain Quackenbush regularly now, and we dare you to say it without cracking a smile. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Thrive Craft House

With its wall of taps featuring craft beers from near and far, and a fresh supply of Momo’s michelada mix, Thrive Craft House is the perfect place to perfect your own michelada pairing. We love Thrive for it’s cool vibe and delicious food choices, but we can’t imagine how fun it will be to try a michelada made with all of the beers available on tap. We should come up with a punch card, try all the options and you win a really good time!

Burnet Go To

Founded by a couple of UT grads with the dream of the perfect local hang, Burnet Go To hits the mark with a mix of great entertainment, good local craft beer, great coffee, fine wine and good food you’ll definitely want to be a regular. And we don’t think any neighborhood bar is complete without a few bottles of Momo’s in stock so that you can enjoy a great michelada. The good news is that now you can, so the next time The Cheers theme song pops into your head, and you wish you had your own bar stool with your name on it head over to Burnet To Go and order an ice cold Momo’s.

Route 12 Filling Station

Just south of Austin proper, all the locals know that the best place for a staycation in the area is Dripping Springs. And if you’re craving chicken and waffles or maybe a great patio in the heart of Dripping Springs, look no further than Route Twelve Filling Station. While Momo’s goes great with or in almost any recipe (have you tried our pasta salad yet), I have to say that there may be nothing better than a spicy, lemon based michelada alongside a rich plate of fried chicken. Go ahead, try it, you can thank us later. If you and your family are ready for a couple of days away, head on down to Route 12, they have Momo’s and are ready to serve you.

This is just a short list of all the great places where you can find Momo’s out and about. We’ll take some time over the next few weeks to tell you about some more, but if you just can’t wait place your order today for a bottle (or two) of Momo’s and serve yourself and ice cold beer cocktail in your own back yard.

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