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Ready to Party with Momo's?

As veterans of the food and bev industry over the last (hate to admit it, but it’s the truth) 20 years, you know we know a good time when we see one. Momo’s is officially ready to party because this weekend we are headed to Houston’s annual Michelada Fest!

The Contest

Here at Momo’s Michelada Mix we love a contest. Put us in front of a judging panel any day of the week. In fact, if you read our origin story, you know that one of the reasons we created Momo’s as a consumer brand is because we won first place at a michelada festival here in Austin at Independence Brewing in 2018. More recently, when we couldn’t find another Michelada contest in Austin, we even entered Momo’s michelada recipe into a bloody mary contest at Fareground and won second place (even though we aren’t a bloody mary brand and our michelada recipe doesn’t contain any tomatoes).

Truth be told, we believe in our product so much that we think it can go toe to toe with any other bottled brand and come out the victor. The bad news is that michelada fests don’t come around every day, especially in this post Covid world. The good news is that one does happen to be coming up this weekend (October 9).

The Event

We are headed to Houston, y’all. Momo’s is excited to announce that we will be participating in the 2022 Houston Michelada Fest hosted at the Houston Raceway. There is sure to be stiff competition as this is a world renowned event that takes place annually and is attended by thousands of people (and we hope everyone gets a chance to try Momo’s).

From 11 am to 9 pm you will find hundreds of micheladas available to try throughout the Raceway along with many other attractions that are sure to guarantee a good time for any member of the family.

The event is focused on hispanic culture and the history of the michelada, which we love because our traditional michelada recipe is an homage to Nicaraguan culture.

Other attractions of the event include live mariachi music, an amazing auto show, tons of delicious food offerings, and a play area for the kids. There will be something fun for every member of the family, and we can’t wait to party!

Bragging rights

People will be given a coin to vote for their favorite micheladas at the event with prize money awarded to the winner, but we’re not in it for the money. We care about the bragging rights, because we aim to be the best michelada anyone has ever tasted. So come on out if you are in the area, or even if you aren’t, and try the liquid gold combination of spicy and tangy that makes Momo’s the best michelada mix (fingers crossed).

We’ll see you at the Raceway this weekend, or if you can’t make it out to the event on Sunday make sure you put in your order for Friday delivery. Because a weekend without Momo’s sounds bland to us.

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