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We Have a Distributor!!

Momo's michelada founders at distributor Ben E Keith home office.

It's a great day that we can officially announce that we have partnered with one of the largest distributors in the country and we will now be distributed all across the great state of Texas!

Let us tell you a short story!

We have been selling the best Michelada mix around for over 2 and a half years and finally caught the attention of Ben E. Keith! They're the 3rd largest beer distributor in America and they are a force to be reckoned with!

They invited us to pitch to them back in June and of course, we accepted. We loaded up in our car and Momo and I and headed to Dallas to the Ben E. Keith HQ. Here is the part of the story that is so US! Momo was over 8 months pregnant !!!! She and I killed it! They decided to move forward and the process began.

Now after a couple of months, we are proud to have Momo's in the distribution facilities for Ben E. Keith all across Texas!

Ben E. Keith is one of the most well known beverage distributors nationwide.

You deserve props for recognizing how special our Michelada mix is! We will never again be as small as we are right now and you have had our backs since the word go!

If you would like your local bar, restaurant, brewery, golf course, hotel, liquor store, grocery store, etc. please tell them you want Momo's Michelada Mix and they can order through Ben E. Keith!

We are already slowly, but surely expanding across Texas and you can see where by checking out this link

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Congratulations!!! Hard work and dedication pay off! We love your mix here in Pittsburgh. We take it to friend's houses to share as often as possible. Thank you for a great product and best wishes for continued success!

Me gusta
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