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Not Your Average MIchelada

It’s michelada review time.

If you follow us on TikTok (and if you don’t go ahead and navigate over there right now and click that follow button, we’ll wait), you know that KC has been on a quest to try allll the beers with Momo’s.

As a public service to our customers, we are putting in the hours and pouring the micheladas to determine the best pairing for our smooth and refreshing michelada mix. Generally, we tell people who ask, that a light lager such as Victoria is the best pairing for Momo’s. Recently, though, we have branched out and started experimenting with some unconventional beers to see which are great combinations with 2 ounces of Momo’s, and which you should skip.

It is a very scientific process.

One disclaimer before we get started is that these reviews are not reflective of how much we love these beers on their own. We wouldn’t be testing the combo of these beers with Momo’s if we didn’t like them. What we are reviewing is how well they pair with Momo’s michelada mix to create an interesting and delicious combination.

Drumroll please… Here are the results of some recent review taste tests conducted by our fearless leader KC Hensley:

Shiner Orale

A new Mexican cerveza style offering from the good people in Shiner, Texas, Orale is a light and refreshing seasonal summer beer. Mixed with our signature michelada mix recipe, Shiner Orale held up well to the tang and spice of Momo’s. A strong pairing that may be one of our new favorites, KC gave this pairing an 8.9 out of ten. Give it a try.

Smirnoff Ice

Ice, ice baby. If you are children of the 90s like we are (or even if you aren’t) odds are you’ve tried the sweet flavor of a malt beverage Smirnoff Ice once or twice in your life. Ice is an extremely unconventional choice to pair with a michelada mix because of the contrast of sweet and savory flavors which is not the expected combination in a traditional michelada. Nevertheless, KC went there, and unfortunately the result wasn’t great. Weighing in at a 4.4 out of 10, this combo was not a good mix as far as we’re concerned. If you are a lover of all things sweet and savory you may have a different opinion, but to us Ice can stand alone and we’ll mix up a michelada with a more traditional option.

Real Ale Hans Pilsner

A Texas Hill Country staple, Real Ale Brewing is a craft brewery that has many available flavor profiles that they brew continuously but also comes up with some seasonal options every year that are different and unique. Recently, they released a new Pilsner option called the Hans Pilsner. Described as a traditional German pils brewed with at Tettnanger hop, the Hans is a light and clear beer with plenty of carbonation. Based on the description and the look of the beer as it’s poured, this might be a great fit for Momo’s but in this contest everything comes down to taste. After the requisite mix and gulp, KC awards this combo a 7.6 out of 10. Not nearly as high as expected. The bitter and somewhat spicy flavor of the Hans competed with the flavors of our michelada mix instead of complementing it. Not one of our highest recommendations.

Southern Star Southern Brunch

Austin Texas might be the brunch capital of the world. It’s hard to walk a block downtown without hitting a local brunch spot, so it seems only fitting in this first published review that we test out a brunch style ale from a local brewery Southern Star. What exactly is a brunch style beer, you may ask. This version is a light and refreshing shandy crafted with bright citrus flavors that is touted as an alternative to the traditional brunch bev, the mimosa. When mixed with the additional citrus notes of Momo’s, this unconventional choice scored the highest on our list to date. Coming in at 9.2, according to KC in his super scientific test, the citrus forward flavors of Sunday Brunch paired beautifully with the lemon and spice of Momo’s authentic michelada mix. This is one you probably want to try for yourself!

In a town known for its craft beer scene, there are many atypical choices of beer that can be paired with Momo’s. If you want to see KC live and in person reviewing some of these beers check out our TikTok, and look out for another review post coming at you soon. If you have any unconventional pairings that you’d like to suggest we try, let us know in the comments or through our social media. We are always looking for great suggestions.

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