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Momo's Loves Mother Earth

One of the most important values we subscribe to over here at Momo’s headquarters is that we don’t want to be part of the problem. Looking around at corporate culture in America (both large and small businesses) we have decided as a company that if Momo’s is going to make an impact on the environment, we are going to make sure it is a positive one. Oftentimes, though, that is easier said than done. Here are some of the ways that we can do our part so that we aren’t just talking about it, we are being about it.

Glass bottles (mostly)

As we were going through the process of designing the packaging for our michelada mix, we had to consider all of the options (glass, plastic, aluminum, etc.). Through some research we were able to determine that while glass bottles don’t biodegrade easily, they can be reused over and over to prevent less waste in the landfills. That’s why if you are sitting at a great bar or restaurant in the Austin area (we are in upwards of 70 now) and you ask the bartender to pour a cold and spicy michelada, you’ll see them reach for a glass bottle of Momo’s. What you probably won’t see though, is that we pick up empty bottles at our weekly deliveries to our vendors, take them back to HQ and sanitize them so that they can be refilled with that liquid gold. This process is better than recycling and we refer to it as upcycling.

But wait, you might be thinking, I ordered some of your classic michelada recipe last week and when I pulled the bottle out of the box it was plastic. Our response to that would be, so sorry you don’t live in Austin. All bottles that are sold in the farmer’s markets around Austin or are delivered by hand via Momo’s Friday deliveries are glass. What we don’t want is for our long distance customers to end up with a broken bottle and no miche, so we have decided to send out plastic bottles through the mail. We would really appreciate it though, if you would recycle that bottle once you pour your last michelada. Then don’t forget to place an order for your next bottle of michelada mix, we want to help mother earth but that doesn’t mean you have to go thirsty!

Be A Momo’s Regular!

As mentioned earlier, Momo’s partner locations return the bottles they use so that we can upcycle them. That got us thinking, what about all the bottles that customers are killing everyday? What if we could reuse those as well…

We are phasing out our $2 credit program we used to offer and instead introducing a new system here at Momo’s called the regular punch. For any michelada drinker who wants to participate, we have created brand new Momo’s punch cards. Each time a customer returns an empty Momo’s 1 liter bottle we will punch their card. After 8 empty bottles are returned, you will get a free bottle of Momo’s ($20 value). Now that’s a sweet and spicy deal. Sweet for mother earth, spicy for your next beer cocktail. Look out for your very own punch card in your next Momo’s delivery, or ask any of our team members at the next farmer’s market.

Momo’s isn’t just a brand, and keeping our values in mind as we grow is essential to crafting the business we want to see in the world.

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