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Momo's Sunday Supper: Tri Tip Burnt Ends

Updated: Jun 29

Momo’s Tri Tip Burnt Ends

This beautifully smoked Momo's Tri Tip Burnt Ends is a 10/10!


  • 2+ cups Momo’s Michelada mix

  • 2-3 lb. Tri tip steak

  • 4-6 tbsp unsalted butter

  • Brown sugar

  • Mayonnaise 

  • Beef fajita seasoning 

For Cooking 

  • Can be done in an oven, but smoker is preferred 

  • Aluminum pan


  • Pat the tri tip steak dry with a paper towel, then add mayonnaise as the binder making sure to cover the whole steak. Add beef fajita seasoning and let sit for 30 minutes to an hour.

  • Start your smoker and set heat to 275 degrees, place the seasoned tri tip steak on the smoker and let it smoke for 3 hours(or until 185 degrees internal). Time varies so monitor the temperature. 

  • Remove the steak from the smoker and let sit for 10 minutes before cutting into 1 inch cubes. Place steak chunks into the aluminum pan, sprinkle on a handful of brown sugar, add 4-6 tablespoons of butter, and cover with 2+ cups of Momo’s. I tried 2 but needed more. 

  • Cover the pan in foil and place on the smoker at 275 degrees for 45 minutes. Remove from the smoker, remove foil, stir and place back on the smoker uncovered. Turn the heat to 300 and let smoke for another 20 minutes or until the meat is very tender.

  • Remove from the smoker and let it cool down for 10-20 minutes then enjoy!

Rating: 10/10

Difficulty: 8/10

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